Nicolas of Lyra on the Apocrypha: St. Jerome Revisited

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

You may recall (or may not!) about a year ago I had a post entitled St. Jerome vs. the Council of Trent on Scripture. I would like to continue that “anti-Apocrypha” line into the medievals with Nicolas of Lyra (1270-1340), and while the Roman Catholics might rightly call him Doctor plain and useful (Doctor Planus et Utilis), I think a Protestant might more justly call him either Doctor Sensus Literalis or Doctor Scripturae Canonicae. While reading through this article on Nicolas in the Catholic Encyclopedia, which calls him “one of the foremost exegetes of all time,” I wonder if (more…)

Free Greek Lexicons

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

As I was browsing for a few minutes through Google Books the other day, I ran across a few precious lexical aids for New Testament and Classical Greek.

First up, and most significantly, the Liddell & Scott translation of Passow, 1870 edition UNABRIDGED – that’s right, all 1,706 pages right here on Google Books. I think I saw this version in a rare book lot for over $800. By the way, this version was folded into the Oxford Lexicon of Greek in the 20th c., so I don’t know how to commend it further. This is the virtually identical 1848 edition here, and here is the 1858 abridged OUP version.

Next, any NT Greek students and scholars probably know this in English as Thayer’s “A Greek Lexicon of the New Testament” (English version here). There is also a 19th c. Greek/Latin version here by C. Ludwig Wittebald Grimm (of Grimm fairy tales fame) who edited and revised Christian Gottlieb Wilke’s Clavis Novi Testamenta Philologica.

Third, we have Christian Stock’s 1190 page Clavis Linguae Sanctae Novi Testamenti, 1752 edition here.

Fourth up is the 1838 Donegan, Patton, and Schneider A New Greek & English Lexicon, here

Fifth, we have vol 1 of Christian Abraham Wahl’s Clavis Novi Testamenti Philologica here, but alas as far as I can tell, subsequent volumes have yet to be scanned. 

Last up is the complete volume of C. A. Wahl’s 1853 Clavis Librorum Veteris Testamenti Apocryphorum Philologica here.